Emotion Matrix

emotion matrixExperience a thrill unlike anything else in the world! Emotion Matrix is the exclusive touring virtual reality 360 experience that includes a motion platform and sensory/ emotion enhancements coming to the 2019 Hamburg Family Fun Fest! Emotion Matrix delivers a full 4D virtual reality!

Ever wondered what it would be like to fly? Now you can! Soar through the sky with the birds, then plummet towards the earth before zooming back up to the clouds. It’s like nothing you have experienced before! Or,  Race for survival on a hover board through a post-apocalyptic city. Your goal – to stay alive and get to the finish line first!  Or, dinosaurs bigger and faster than anything you have seen before now exist on an island in the middle of the ocean! Now it’s time for you to take a tour and check it out! What could possibly go wrong? 15 Exhilarating programs will be featured in different levels ranging from ‘Basic’, ”Exciting’ and ‘Extreme’!  All offered FREE to our guests during the Hamburg Family Fun Fest.

Questions?  E-mail director@hamburgfunfest.com   or call (810) 626-3035